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JAS in Collaboration with Adaptive Research - Sheikhupura arranged High Profile Farmers Meeting
Jaffer Agro Services (JAS) in Collaboration with Adaptive Research Station - Sheikhupura arranged High Profile Farmers Field days of Nutraful (25 and 28 Feb 2015) at Sharaqpur and Sheikhupura on a 1 acre demo plot on Wheat Ridge sowing at booting stage to introduce Nutraful technology and to show the results to the farmers and Government officials. Mr. Anwar Javed Wahla (DDO Agronomy and Adaptive research), Mr. Muhammad Shafiq (DDO Agri Extension Sharaqpur), Mr. Muhammad Shahbaz (DDO Adaptive research Sheikhupura), Mr. Liaquat Ali (Assistant research officer adaptive research Sheikhupura) and Adaptive research station’s other departmental staff including research coordinators along with approximately 180 farmers attended these field days. On behalf of JAS Regional Manager – Lahore attended this event and shared technical knowledge and information about Nutraful technology. It has always been a strategy of Jaffer Agro Services to contribute to the development of a sustainable modern agriculture. In this regard Jaffer Agro Services introduced an advanced and unique fertilizer Nutraful. Nutraful is a latest and unique technology in which Plant Growth Promoting Bacteria (PGPB) have been coated on Mineral Fertilizers like Urea, DAP and Nitrophos etc. Nutraful has been launched under the newly approved standard of Pakistan Standards and Quality Control Authority (PSQCA) PGPB-Fortified fertilizer. Nutraful increases the per acre yield by improving the efficiency of conventional Fertilizers, improving root growth and stress tolerance in crop plants at minimum cost. In addition, Nutraful also improves the product Quality and farmers’ profitability. All Government Officials and farmers were highly satisfied and convinced with significantly better results of Nutraful in comparison with conventional fertilizers at the same crop stage. Remarkable differences were observed as vigorous growth of roots in terms of length and quantity, Average number of fertile tillers were more (Average 5 tillers in Nutraful treated crop Vs. 3 tillers in conventional fertilizer treated crop), better stems growth and vigorous foliage growth in Nutraful crop. All farmers showed strong commitment to use Nutraful fertilizer in the next rice crop and Govt officials appreciated JAS for introducing new and modern technologies in agriculture sector for betterment of farmer community and are in line with JAS to promote this new technology and to recommend it into their extension activities.
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