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Problem Solving And Decision Making Workshop 2012
The ability to effectively solve problems and take timely decisions is a key competency required at all level is in almost every organization. To further enhance this competence within the JBL staff, HR arranged o I day workshop on ”Problem Solving and Decision Making", facilitated by Mr. Saadi lnsha, a prominent and established corporate trainer. The workshop was held at the JBL Head office, Karachi.

The workshop was inaugurated by Zia ul Haque, Director Operations, JBS, who emphasized the need for such Workshops to sharpen the skills of individuals.

The workshop was highly interactive and immensely engaging. It equipped the participants with the tools and techniques to effectively accomplish their tasks, both as individuals and as teams. The workshop also delivered tips on using various tools in different situations, including how to avoid common pitfalls and leverage the collective creative potential of their teams to come up with elegant and cost-effective solutions.

The workshop covered the following competencies:
o The problem solving process
o Recognizing and defining problems
o Rephrasing problem to open up new 'solution spaces‘
o Root cause analysis
o The ‘5 Why?‘ technique
o Failure mode and effects analysis
o Fishbone diagram
o Generating solutions
o Challenging assumptions, perceptions and mindsets
o Brainstorming
o Brain Writing
o Random input
o Other techniques
o Decision Making
o Avoiding decision making pitfalls
o Techniques
o Multi-voting

The workshop was attended by participants from JAS, JBS, PandM, HR and Finance.
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