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Vision 2020
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We believe our employees are our greatest assets. If you have a desire to learn and to lead, we are eager to acquire the best talent!
It is our belief that all our efforts and achievements are subject to the will of Allah.


Vision 2020
A prominent diversified group striving for customer excellence.

To actively participate in the economic and social development of Pakistan. We will continue to operate through our national presence and global partners while enhancing the stakeholders’ interests. Our concern will be mainly in the areas of agriculture, Information & Communication Technology (ICT), Professional Services (PS), Infrastructure Development, Education, Health, Processing / Manufacturing, Environmental Engineering and Energy. We will extend our presence at the regional level.

Core Values

Customer first:
To keep the interests of the customer foremost in all operations of the group.

Entrepreneurship: To make all employees think like owners of the business when they are identifying problems and taking decisions.

Empowerment of employees:
To make all employees feel that they have the requisite power to take decisions in the interest of the group and its businesses.

Quality and performance:  Continuous improvement of quality and performance standards in a creative and innovative manner to ensure business success.

Participative leadership through communication and teamwork:  Leadership in a style which ensures participation, frank and open communication and effective team work.

Employee and organizational development: To continuously help in the growth and development of our employees so that they are productive members of our group and society. To continuously upgrade the group organizational structure and systems to facilitate business results.

Corporate social responsibility (CSR):  To conduct our businesses in an ethical, proactive and responsible manner fulfilling all our social obligations.

Safety, health and environment:  Safety and good health of our stakeholders and the protection of our society and environment are of paramount importance to us.