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Audit and Corporate Affairs (A&CA)
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Audit & Corporate Affairs (A&CA)


One of the most important factors for any firm's success and growth is the consistent fortification of its corporate image. The key endeavor at A&CA is the maintenance and enhancement of the corporate image and soliciting feedback from the entire spectrum of clientele. A&CA is not only responsible for statutory compliance and uniform application of all Group policies and carrying out the Board's directions, it also evaluates the existing policies and procedures for their relevance to the current business needs of the Group and helps the Group in the development of new policies and procedures. It helps the BU's and other corporate support functions in development of their annual operation plans.

It provides legal support to all the BU's. It initiates the registration procedures of the Group Companies with the procurement agencies.

An ongoing audit activity at our Group of Companies helps management to take corrective and timely steps. Besides normal audit and compliance of internal control procedures, other major activities of A&CA include checking the reconciliation of statutory books and other assignments entrusted by the management.