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Projects & Machinery


Mechanized Construction and Farming
JBL is the official sole distributor of Komatsu Limited, Japan - one of the leading manufacturers of the world for earthmoving and mining equipment. Komatsu machines are used for mining, land cultivation, expansion of road networks, building dams, rehabilitating and constructing canals for irrigation systems, quarrying for cement plants, developing oil fields, etc. A number of construction and farming projects were funded under Japanese grants and credits. Keeping in view the reliability and range of earth moving machinery offered by Komatsu, most of the foreign and local contractors rely on them for major construction work. Ventures like Karakoram Highway, all national motorways and reservoirs like Khanpur, Simly, Hub, Satpara, Mangla Raising and Mirani Dams are some prestigious examples of projects of national importance where Komatsu equipment was used. Currently, Komatsu equipment is being used for the Neelum-Jhelum Hydro Power Project, the construction of Kathchi Canal and Rehabilitation of Taunsa Barrage.

P&M also facilitated the Ministry of Communications to establish a Construction Machinery Training Institute - CMTI (now known as the Construction Technology Training Institute - CTTI) in Islamabad. The institute is imparting operational and maintenance training of heavy earth moving equipment to local and foreign students, as well as to public and private sector organizations.