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Projects & Machinery


Regional Activities
P&M has also taken an active role in the rehabilitation and reconstruction in Afghanistan. With its branch office in Kabul and established network in the regions, the division has successfully executed many projects since 2002. P&M aims to further strengthen its presence in the neighboring country and play an active part in its path to recovery.

The division has been awarded contracts for supply of medical equipment to over 100 clinics, consumables & parts for medical equipment, construction machinery, vehicles, rehabilitation of the public bus network, establishment of the Civil Aviation workshop, etc. With M/s Missionpharma’s cooperation, P&M is now one of the top major suppliers of Pharmaceutical Products to the Ministry of Public Health and other major NGOs in Afghanistan and has supplied medicines worth over US $3.0 million in the last two years.

P&M formed an entity to provide maintenance and training services for operating medical equipment at the Afghan National Army hospitals and clinics throughout Afghanistan in 2005. The JV is the only entity in Afghanistan that has a total staff of 36 BMETs capable of working anywhere in Afghanistan. The JV can deliver and implement systems for medical equipment care and inventory management, effectively communicate, work with and train the local staff at Afghan medical facilities and supply equipment together with the proper maintenance support to ensure a long-life of the medical equipment.

Community Service Activities
In the aftermath of the tragic earthquake on October 8th, 2005, the P&M, with the support of its International Principals, has actively been involved in the rehabilitation and reconstruction of the earthquake affected areas. Donations in the form of construction machinery and funds through the Red Cross as well as other International agencies were made by various Partners. JBL would like to extend its utmost gratitude to those who have extended their helping hand to the people of Pakistan affected by this tragic event.