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Managed Services


Through managed services, JBS’ customers can effectively address their organizational and business processes. It takes care of the entire technology lifecycle including analysis, procurement, deployment and maintenance.




Services Options:

Site Preparation
JBS’ Site Preparation services are available as an optional service to create a proper operational environment for the equipment to be used.




Deployment Services
JBS’ deployment services assemble hardware and bring it into operation. It includes hardware installation, systems relocation, and reconfiguration. Software deployment includes OS installation with basic configuration.



Implementation Services
JBS’ implementation services include software installation with basic configuration. Its team of experts plans and implements solutions after assessing objectives

  • Storage Solution
  • Network Integration
  • Upgrade Services 
  • Power Solution

After-Sales Support
JBS’ hardware and software services are complemented by its most extensive nationwide Support Services infrastructure. Its customers enjoy different after-sales services designed to meet their specific requirements, including standard and enhanced warranty support. Other services include regular Maintenance Services, Managed Services, Outsourcing Services, On-site Support and Infrastructure Building capabilities. JBS offers standard services as well as customized support. Well-managed inventory and competent work power enables JBS to extend the most comprehensive and responsive support to its customers in order to meet their mission critical business goals.

Helpdesk Support
JBS can provide onsite expertise through its Help Desk Technical Support and Resident Engineer to reduce call time and troubleshoot hardware as well as software errors.



Outsource Services
IT outsourcing provides customers with external resource to ensure minimum downtime and optimum productivity.

Available Outsource Options
• Help Desk Outsourcing
• Onsite Troubleshooting and Maintenance.
• Internet and Email Support
• Call Center Support
• Off days & Off hours Support
• Data Center Support
• Security Systems
• Complete IT Outsource
• Mission Critical Support

Project Management
JBS has had the unique experience of working with various groups and companies outside Pakistan and delivering Project Management services to Pakistani as well as foreign clients, providing unmatched services in countries like Afghanistan, UAE and Sri Lanka.