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Imidacloprid 70 WS


Product Information in Urdu (Flyer)

Download MSDS

Product Category:     Seed Treatment
Active Ingredient:      Imidacloprid
Chemical Group:         Chloronicotinyl

Key Properties:

  • Broad spectrum insecticide specially for sucking pest.
  • Provide protection of seed & improve germination ratio.
  • Provide protection to plant for early 30 ~ 35 days resulting better beginning.
  • Protect crop roots thru its specific protective zone around.
  • Saving of at-least a spray on cotton crop.
  • Imidacloprid 70WS is IPM compatible & do not harm to beneficial insects.

Mode of Action:

Neonicotinoid insecticides act as agonists of the acetylcholine receptor. That is, they mimic the action of the neurotransmitter, acetylcholine (ACh). Although cholinesterase is not affected by these insecticides, the nerve is continually stimulated by the neonicotinoid itself, and the end result is similar to that caused by cholinesterase inhibitors – overstimulation of the nervous system leads to poisoning and death. Fortunately, the neonicotinoids are a closer mimic for the insect’s ACh than for human ACh, giving this class of insecticides more specificity for insects and less ability to poison humans

Action on Seed:

Applying the imidacloprid 70WS directly to the seed disinfects its surface. Soon after sowing, the product forms a protective zone directly around the seed grain. As soon as the tender roots emerge, they absorb the systemic agent. The plant’s sap carries it from the roots to its upper leaves. In this way the seedling can be protected against sucking pest for next 30 ~ 35 days resulting in better beginning of the crop.

Formulations:          70% WS

Target Crops:          Cotton & Maize

Target Pests:           Aphids, Thrips, White fly 



Dose / Acre


Jassids, Thrips White Fly

5 grams / Kg Seed


Aphids, Plant Hopers

5 grams / Kg Seed

Method of Application:

Preparing Solution:
Pour water in 50 grams pet bottle till mentioned mark. Shake it well. Solution is ready to be applied on 10 Kgs of seed.

Application of Imidacloprid WS on seeds:
Spread 10 kgs of seeds on a plastic sheet measuring 2 X 2 meter. Sprinkle half of the Imidacloprid 70 WX solution on it. Shuffle seed on the plastic sheet and after a while pour remaining quantity on the sheet & shake it well until all seed are well coated with the solution. Dry up all dressed seeds in some shadowy area before sowing.